Who We Are

Riedmiller Wealth Management is a comprehensive wealth management and retirement planning firm. Our mission is to help empower our clients with the highest probability of investment success. We strive to grow and protect our clients’ money with confidence and planning.

Who We Are

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About Us

Riedmiller Wealth Management is dedicated to our fiduciary standard. Our commitment is to uphold a duty of care and loyalty to our clients in all that we do. This means we have an obligation to always work in your best interests.

Our firm is proud to be part of a nationwide network of financial professionals who are passionate about helping our clients. Our group is supported by a well-established investment company and numerous additional resources.

The world of investment advice can be plagued with conflicts of interest and a lack of transparency.

At Riedmiller Wealth Management, we believe in creating TRUST through TRANSPARENCY.

Working with a financial professional who is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL FIDUCIARY® can help eliminate many of the potential problems that can come from commission-based, product-focused salespeople.

A fiduciary is required by law to give full disclosure on how they are paid and also any conflicts of interest. This can put you in a better position to make informed decisions.

Meet Our Team

Mike Riedmiller, CFF

President of Riedmiller Wealth Management

Mike Riedmiller’s passion is helping clients enjoy their retirement filled with more fun and less stress. Your future should be spent experiencing things you enjoy with the people most important to you. He thinks everyone deserves value-based financial planning to turn their dreams into reality. An educated investor is an empowered investor, he believes. Because of this, he dedicates his time and energy to helping clients gain a complete understanding of their personal financial situation.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL FIDUCIARY®, Mike’s focus is to serve his clients to the best of his ability through experience, knowledge, and a high level of professionalism. He is an Amazon best-selling author and has written a number of educational articles about investing and retirement planning.

Mike and his wife, Carisa, have been married since 1995 and have three children. They enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, bike riding, meeting new people, and helping others.

Carisa Riedmiller

Vice President of Operations

Carisa enjoys getting to know people when they become clients of the firm and the ongoing relationship for years to come. She’s a valuable resource when clients have questions and need answers.

As the firm’s head of operations, Carisa works to help ensure that everything is executed properly and runs smoothly behind the scenes. She is in charge of client communications and brings a wide range of knowledge and experience in this area.

Dillon Riedmiller

Operations Assistant

Dillon assists on things behind the scenes. He has also helped at some of the educational events that the firm has offered.

In Dillon’s free time, he enjoys sports, being with his friends, and traveling.

Research & Support Team

Josh Bare

Sr VP of Sales

Josh has years of experience in designing retirement planning strategies for people that are coming up on retirement and already retired.

Spencer Lloyd

Director of Advanced Resources

Spencer works on solutions for growth strategies for retirement planning.

Drew Newell

VP of Life Sales

Drew has years of experience in designing legacy plans for families and their estates.

Emily Fisher

Life Operations Manager

Emily and her team keep the application process flowing smoothly for legacy planning.

Cindy Arrington

Life Operations Case Manager

Cindy and her team process the paperwork so new clients receive their life insurance policies from the carriers in a timely manner.

Chasity Young

Case Manager

Chasity and her team keep the paperwork and application process flowing smoothly so new clients receive their contracts from the carriers in a timely manner.

Kajol Patel

Case Design Analyst

Kajol works with a team of experts in support.

Michael Poirot

Senior Marketing Strategist

Michael brings insights and experience into the marketing arena for our firm.

Robert Bacik

Media Director

Robert heads up the television, radio, and media purchasing segments for our firm.

Mike Macho

Chief Radio Officer

Mike brings 30 years of experience on the radio to Smart Retirement Strategies With Mike Riedmiller.

David Wilkinson

Director of Television

David leads a talented team that creates informative, entertaining, and quality television segments for viewers.

Ali Mac

Radio Host

Ali Mac helps host Smart Retirement Strategies With Mike Riedmiller, bringing an informative and fun personality to the show.

Located in Kennesaw, GA

The Research and Support team members are individuals working directly for an independent third-party firm The Impact Partnership. Riedmiller Wealth Management and The Impact Partnership are separate entities and are not affiliated with nor controlled by Riedmiller Wealth Management. The Research and Support team has a limited role on an as-needed basis.

Tax Planning & Estate Planning Services

Tax Planning

Riedmiller Wealth Management has strategic partnerships with local Nebraska Accountants, CPAs, and Attorneys for tax planning and estate planning.

Estate Planning Services

Our goal is to offer our valued clients comprehensive and holistic services for all of their retirement planning needs by building long-term, trusted relationships.

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