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We are a provider of WealthGuard™, an incredibly simple, yet powerful, early warning system that monitors all your investment accounts daily, so you can invest with the confidence that there’s a plan in place to help protect your investments in all market conditions.

Start with a Smart Plan

WealthGuard™ is based on the principle that investors should start with a risk-appropriate portfolio consisting of an appropriate mix of growth and income investments.

WealthGuarding is more than just a buy-and-hold allocation of investments.

In the real world, markets go up and down. They can be frustrating, difficult to understand, and difficult to stay committed to. But with a proper plan, investing can provide very real long-term rewards. The key is in establishing a WealthGuard™ number to each risk-appropriate asset allocation.

And since WealthGuard™ monitors all your accounts automatically, it can watch over your 401(k), self-managed investment accounts, and accounts managed by financial advisors at nearly every firm in the United States.

Who is WealthGuard™?

WealthGuard™ was created by BlueLeaf Wealth, Inc., who focuses on simplified financial reporting. is operated by FormulaFolio Investments LLC, an SEC-Registered Investment Advisor committed to leveling the investment playing field for all investors.

Watch the video to see how WealthGuard™ can help you.