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Mike Riedmiller Wealth Update – NEW Book Coming Soon about wealth management, investing and have a written financial plan

New Riedmiller Wealth Management Updates about my upcoming book…

I am excited about the new book that I will be part of which is scheduled to be released this summer or early fall.  I am partnering with several industry professionals and we will be writing on the topics of health, wealth and lifestyle.  My portion will be specifically about the wealth management and the benefits of having a written financial plan.



Unfortunately, there are people who still do not have a written financial plan even if they have been working with a financial advisor for a number of years.  There can be a number of potential risks in this which you will be able to read about in the new book.

There is a well-known person who will be part of this book.  He has appeared on television several times and is a very successful business person.  Look for details to come soon.

During these volatile times in the stock market, it can leave people wondering which direction will the stock market go next?  This is where planning in advance can be important.  You want to have your plan in place for the next major stock market move before it happens.  At Riedmiller Wealth Management, we guide people through a process known as “Results in Advance Planning” in which we look at all of your investments to see what’s performing well and not so well.  We will perform a stress test on your investments and then show you some possible solutions to help put you on a better path.  This better path can be a “Mathematically Correct Solution” to your investment and retirement needs which might include:

– Lowering your investment risks
– Lowering your fees
– Continuing to grow your money (and maybe at a better rate of return potentially)
– Lifetime income option which can increase in the future when structured correctly
– Desired liquidity and flexibility

At Riedmiller Wealth Management, it is our goal to help our clients have added peace of mind so they can enjoy their retirement and accomplish their important financial goals. Riedmiller Wealth Management prides itself on long term client relationships. You can read more about this in my upcoming book.

So summer has recently begun, and with it longer days and hot weather. Enjoy this time of the year by doing the things that you like whether it’s traveling, spending time with family and friends or going to some baseball games. My son and I recently attended a Major League Baseball game in Kansas City when the Royals played the Yankees. And football season will here in about 2 ½ months!

Let’s chat soon about your financial goals. You can contact Riedmiller Wealth Management at 402-904-7575 so we can chat about your retirement plan, and potential ways to help put you on a better path.


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June 20, 2018 | Categories: Best-Selling Book Financial Planning Results in Advance Planning Retirement Goals Safer Growth Smart Money Stock Market

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