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NEW UPDATE: Mike Riedmiller Signs Publishing Deal for New Book to be titled “Performance 360”

I am excited to announce my recent publishing deal for a new book which is scheduled to be titled “Performance 360”.

I will be partnering with other industry professionals from around the world for this new book which will cover a variety of topics including money and finance.  I am a member of the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors from my book titled “The Road To Success” (Amazon 2016 Best Seller’s List) that I co-authored with Jack Canfield and others.



Your financial success is my #1 goal. 
Because of this, I have written a number of financial education articles and created the “Smart Money Planning” video course.  I focus on retirement planning and wealth management for baby boomers and retirees in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, South Dakota and across the nation.

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About Mike Riedmiller

Mike Riedmiller is the President of Riedmiller Wealth Management, an independent financial firm that is free from the product-focused, sales-driven environment that can be prevalent at large financial institutions.

– Fiduciary Financial Advisor 

– Best-Selling Author of the book “The Road To Success” 

– Creator of the “Smart Money Planning” Educational Course

– Forbes BrandVoice Contributor

Mike Riedmiller focuses on retirement planning and wealth management. He believes it is more important than ever for people to be educated about money and their financial options so they can secure their financial futures.

Mike Riedmiller works with a large team of financial professionals that have decades of combined experience. His goal is to build long-term relationships with his clients to help them achieve their important life goals and financial objectives.

He attends several industry training and educational events every year from top people in finance and retirement planning. He is actively seeking additional investment strategies so he can continue to deliver the kind of results his clients have come to expect in this constantly changing world and market. Mike has read hundreds of books on the subjects of investing, business, finance, success and entrepreneurship.

Mike Riedmiller is committed to delivering outstanding professional service to his clients and always acting with honesty and integrity. As a Financial Professional, he has a fiduciary responsibility to always act in the best interest of each client which includes:

  • Complete confidentiality of all information
  • Presenting accurately all information essential to making informed decisions
  • Recommending only products that are in the best interest for each client
  • Loyalty and integrity in all relationships
  • Continually enhancing his skills and knowledge
  • Regular contact and review to insure clients objectives are always being met


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May 2, 2018 | Categories: Best-Selling Book Financial Planning Retirement Goals Smart Money

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